The Residents from The Uplands are off to Chester Zoo

There was much excitement and anticipation in the air on Monday 25th July 2016; the long awaited day for our trip to Chester Zoo had arrived.  The coach was in the car park, the packed lunches, drinks, wheelchairs and more importantly the residents were now on board.

It was a good journey, people discussing what animals they were going to see and how long ago it was since they last visited the zoo.  On our arrival we could almost feel the excitement. We all made our way to the entrance and went straight through………….no problems.

There they were, our first animal viewing of the day….the Elephants and some with babies, what magnificent and graceful mammals they are (see photo).  Everyone just stood and sat in awe of them.  I think because people forget just how big and powerful they are.

We moved on to look at giraffes, penguins and a variety of other creatures before we stopped and set up for a fabulous packed lunch (see photo), after which we split into two groups and managed to see different things (see photo).  One of which was a majestic lion, which was pacing and staring at us as if trying to decide which person he would like for his next meal!!!  (see photo).

The weather was kind to us all throughout our visit and the intrepid travellers finally got back home at 7pm after a very exciting day.

IMG_0201 IMG_0198 IMG_0194 IMG_0193 IMG_0167 IMG_0164 IMG_0161 Chester Zoo 059 Chester Zoo 058 Chester Zoo 053 Chester Zoo 052