Opinion: Staff coping in testing times

These words are really a tribute to the work staff in care homes do to comply with government guidelines on testing.

As we’re sure is the case at every care home worth its salt, we are doing everything we can at The Uplands to follow government guidance with regards to testing – which really isn’t easy as it seems to change by the day.

The challenge is to continue to meet the same high standards of provision of care to residents when a significant amount of manpower is needed to administrate the staff testing. For us, that amounts to 28 hours of man hours – which is a lot.

We are managing but it isn’t easy – and the government doesn’t make it any easier, particularly as the entire testing programme is being resourced by the homes themselves.

The care staff have been heroic – but there are heroes across the homes whose efforts are perhaps unsung. The cleaners, for instance, are literally working doubly hard.

Life would have been made so much easier and more efficient if the government has consulted us – the end users – on issues such as the digital systems for recording the data. This has become such a labour-intensive process when it really needn’t be.

We absolutely want to do all testing necessary to make the environment safe for residents – but the end users really must be consulted first.