Opinion: Let’s hear it for care staff

A second ‘clap for carers’ is taking place this evening at 8pm.

When we finally emerge from the grip of the pandemic and life returns to something resembling normality, these public expressions of thanks will surely be remembered as one of the standout positive features of these awful few weeks and months, when the nation comes together as one to salute those on the front line.

You hear stories of NHS workers coming back from an exhausting shift and breaking down in tears as their neighbours and the streets in which they live salute them and their colleagues.

It is absolutely right that NHS staff are receiving the warmth and thanks and plaudits they are because it is thoroughly deserved. What they are doing in the most challenging of circumstances is extraordinary.

But we very much hope that workers from the adult social care sector feel equally recognised and valued. Because they are less visible in the public eye than their counterparts in the NHS, we feel they are some of the unsung heroes during the current health crisis.

They uncomplainingly come into work, day in, day out, and continue to do an absolutely outstanding and professional job, as indeed do all the other staff – in the kitchen, the laundry, the housekeepers, the administration team, everyone. Certainly at The Uplands, we count ourselves extremely fortunate to have the team we have. They have risen to the challenge and we couldn’t be more grateful.

As with the NHS nurses and health staff, no praise is too high for the fabulous and selfless care home staff across the country who make the lives of residents in their care as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible.

So we hope that when the applause and cheers ring out this evening, they feel every bit as proud and valued as anyone else.