Marches Care under new ownership

Marches Care Holdings Ltd which operates The Uplands at Oxon, which has been owned by the West family since it was set up in 1985 and overseen by their daughter Mandy Thorn for the past 28 years, has been sold to new owners, effective 25th October 2021.

The Uplands will continue to operate with the same mission since it was built – providing the very best in dementia and older adult care with the same management team led by Carey in place.

Please don’t think that new shareholders mean changes. The new owner is Bondcare – – an established family-run business which operates more than 60 care homes across the country. Bondcare has emphasized that they do not wish to make any changes to the Home.

Carey and Dan and the whole management team will remain at the helm of the business and will continue to oversee the amazing level of care for which the Uplands is rightly known for. So, apart from the identity of the owners, it really is the same Home.

Mandy said: “It has been a really difficult decision for my husband Mark and I to sell the business because it is very precious to us and occupies a huge part of our hearts.

“It has, however, been a long-term plan to exit the business so we can focus on another chapter in our lives, and this will allow me to concentrate on my other interests in charitable work.

“This is an emotional time for us. I can not tell you how proud I am of the whole wonderful team at The Uplands – you are a truly outstanding collection of professionals and individuals. I will miss you and the business enormously.

“With the only change being that Mark and I will no longer be involved I am confident that with Carey and the amazing team at the Uplands that the Home will continue to go from strength to strength.”