Life at The Uplands

There are 81 bedrooms available at The Uplands, split into four units: Dorrington, Meole, Gough and Cory.

Dorrington and Meole offer 40 nursing beds for the care of people living with dementia and dementia related illnesses. Staffed by dedicated nurses and carers with a special interest in the care of people living with dementia, these units each have a large day room and a quiet room/sensory room, together with access to a secure private garden. This offers the opportunity for individuals to garden, enjoy the wildlife or simply walk safely outside. Both units provide an environment specially designed for people living with dementia, with specialist staff deploying person centred care. 

Gough and Cory provide nursing care for 41 people with long-term conditions. As well as long-term beds, the Gough and Cory units offer short-term care and rehabilitation, in partnership with a multi-disciplinary team from Shropshire’s NHS. This service, designed to enable people to return home after a period of illness, is supported by the Shrewsbury GPs and is accessed only through a referral via the local NHS services. 

Both units each have their own day rooms plus a hairdressing salon and access to the Home’s gardens. In addition one of the day spaces can be made available to relatives where it is essential they remain on the premises overnight because of the condition of their loved-ones.

Gough unit in particular specialises in nursing care for people with very complex health conditions, and end of life care. The en suite bedrooms in that unit have direct access to gardens or courtyards, and the day spaces in Cory unit  have views over the south Shropshire Hills and the inner courtyard.

In addition to the dedicated day spaces around the Home, our Residents enjoy the use of a light and spacious café-style dining room with comfortable seating called Ruth’s Room, as well as a large selection of books which are sold to raise funds for The Uplands United – a patient and carer support group, run independently of the Home.

Near the dining room there is also a quiet contemplation and prayer room designed for peace and solitude, for use by residents and their families.