Flower-arranging a hit with residents

Ruth’s Room was transformed into a blaze of colour when some of our residents took part in a flower-arranging session.

It was supervised by Fiona who received welcome help and expertise from volunteers Joyce and Jan, both of whom have relatives here at The Uplands.

About  15 residents who came down and helped create floral baskets and arrangements which they were able to take back to their rooms.

As Fiona said: “Flowers and foliage came from the gardens at The Uplands and we were grateful to Sharon the hairdresser who donated some really unusual flowers from her own garden, including fragrant sweet peas and nicotiana.

“Along with some beautiful pinks and purple carnations and chrysanthemum flowers there was a huge array to choose from. Joyce Goode supplied all the oasis and baskets.

“We even had enough foliage and flowers to do some small posies for some of the residents’ rooms who unfortunately couldn’t come and join us. 

“Volunteers always welcome. If you would like to come along and help with any of our activities or have some skills you would be happy to share please do get in touch. Or alternatively if you know of an entertainer, choir, or group who would be happy to come along to see us please let us know.”