activities at
The Uplands

Recent<br>activities at<br><strong>The Uplands</strong>

Animal magic returns!

The Uplands once more played host to a range of lovely creatures, providing residents with a highly stimulating and enjoyable experience. Lauren from Wild Science presented the residents with a …

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Cupcake bonanza

The Uplands was transformed into a mini bakery for a day as the Home joined in national Alzheimer’s Cupcake Day by holding our own competition. Cakes were donated by staff …

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Royal Wedding preparations

All units have been working so hard in the week leading up to the Royal Wedding – the whole Home is awash with colour and wedding-themed paraphernalia. Everyone is extremely …

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Animal magic!

All manner of scaly and furry animals were brought to The Uplands, giving residents much pleasure and stimulation in the process. A snake, a gecko, a giant snail called Boris, …

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Relaxing music therapy

The picture below is of Elfair, our wonderful live musician in residence who plays the harp to residents once a month. Elfair, of Creative Inspiration Shropshire,  has proved a huge …

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Trip to the Dingle

A party of Uplands residents had a highly enjoyable afternoon at the Dingle just days before Shrewsbury Flower Show. After all the rain we’ve been having, it was decided that …

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