Working Culture

Marches Care is an organisation which, above all else, is made up of ‘People Who Care About People’.

Our team is highly skilled in providing care for the disabled, the chronically sick and the terminally ill, including the provision of convalescent care, respite and day care. We have a nationally recognised reputation for the highest quality in the services we provide.

  • All staff, whatever their role, are expected to work together to:
  • Enable each Client to live as independent, dignified and safe a life as possible
  • Provide a homely, relaxed and caring environment for all Clients
  • Provide comfort, care and support to every Client, and their relatives and loved ones
  • Ensure that dignity, respect, privacy and wellbeing is central to our care of every Client
  • Provide freedom of choice wherever possible
  • Facilitate rehabilitation of our Clients wherever possible
  • Provide opportunities for all Clients to broaden their horizons
  • Support and respect each other, irrespective of our role

Everyone is encouraged to fully integrate with our team, irrespective of where and in which unit they may be required to work at various times. They are also encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge, and will be provided with ample opportunities to do that.

We ask nothing of our staff that we would not ask of ourselves, that being; loyalty, honesty, commitment to high quality of service provision and hard work. Each one of us has an important part to play, and are reliant upon one another making a full contribution, towards generating a harmonious and efficient working environment.