Care Quality

We are committed to supporting those we care for so that they can continue their lives with dignity and independence, and be participating members of their own communities.

The essential principles we seek to uphold are:

  1. Offering skilled care to enable people who live here to achieve their optimum state of health and well-being.
  2. Upholding the human and citizenship rights of all who live, work and visit here.
  3. Supporting individual choice and personal decision-making as the rights of all Clients.
  4. Respecting and encouraging the right of independence of all Clients.
  5. Recognising the individual uniqueness of Clients, staff and visitors, and treating everyone with dignity and respect at all times.
  6. Respecting individual requirement for privacy at all times and treating all information relating to individuals in a confidential manner.
  7. Recognising the individual need for personal fulfilment and offering individualised programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy that need of Clients and staff.